Wig Sizing Chart

We get it, finding the perfect wig size is not just about style – it's about owning your confidence, effortlessly. That's why understanding your head measurements is the first step to your wig-wearing success! This will help:

  1. Determine Your Correct Wig Size
  2. Determine if you will need any additional customizations made to your wig cap (available for both Ready to Ship & Signature Collection Wigs)


Primary Measurement: Your head's circumference, is the most important measurement you need to know. It's the measurement you'll spot in our product descriptions, like "Medium" (22-22.5 inches). 

HerSAVAGE Hair Wig Size Chart (Circumference)


Are Customizations Needed? We recognize that in some cases, adjustments may need to be made to the traditional cap (Small, Medium, Large) for an all over snug fit which is why we offer cap customizations for both our Ready to Ship and Signature Collection Wigs. .

We suggest you utilize the chart below and record each measurement. Knowing the 5 other measurements will help determine if any additional adjustments will be need to be made to the wig cap to ensure it fits your head snuggly. Taking the additional measurements is highly suggested especially if you:

  • Are on a journey with hair loss
  • Are trying out the world of wigs for the first time
  • Are uncertain about your measurements
  • Have a uniquely shaped head :-)


HerSAVAGE Hair Wig Size Chart (Full)

If your measurements are marching to the beat of their own drum, or you just need a bit of guidance, we're here for you. Reach out, book a virtual consultation, or drop us a message. We're all about ensuring your wig fits you like a boss. Your confidence, your comfort – that's what we're all about!



How to Measure Your Head:

If you need help measuring you're head, check out this video demo by our Owner & Cranial Prothesis Specialist, Ke: How to Properly Measure Your Head